Parking Information

Parking at Rolling Into Roanoke

If I registered online, how do I know where to park?

Pre-registrants will get parking information by email in the days before the show. Click here to pre-register.

Where do I park if I want to register my car on the day-of?

Day-of registration day-of the show is in the Park unless downtown show spots remain. In which case you will be given the option of downtown or park parking. 

I will trailer my show car. Where can I park the trailer?

Trailers may be parked at the Roanoke Elementary School on Vine St.

Where do spectators park? Is parking free?

Parking is FREE in the Roanoke Town Park. Follow the signs on Vine St. off Highway 24. The entrance is off Vine, close to Roanoke Elementary School. Follow the signs and staff. Shuttle services will be available.

$5 VIP spectator parking will be in a grass parking lot off of Vine and Main Sts.

Where is handicap parking? Is there a shuttle to get me to the show?

Follow signs and sta for handicap parking. Take Vine St. off of Highway 24 to 1st and High St. Shuttle services will be available.

Is motorcycle parking available?

Stay tuned! We are working to secure motorcycle parking.