Rock ‘N’ Cars FAQs

I registered for Rolling Into Roanoke, why do I also have to register for Rock 'N' Cars?

Rolling Into Roanoke organizes both, but Friday night's Rock 'N' Cars is a completely separate event from Saturday's car show. Trust us, you'll love both!


Do I need to have a show car to come to Rock ‘N’ Cars?

No! It’s 100% open to the public, and children 12 and under are FREE!


What’s the cost for Rock ‘N’ Cars?

$10 per person (spectators and show car drivers), children 12 and under are FREE!


Why do I have to register per-person instead of per-car?

Keep in mind this is a concert + cruise-in. Because of the concert, a per-person fee applies to attendees. 


I pre-registered my car. Where do I park?

Follow the signs off Kroemer Rd. to check in. You’ll be directed to parking. Map coming soon!


Where do I check in?

You'll check in at a check-in booth before parking and recieve a wrist band. Once you have the wrist band, you're good!


Do I have to pre-register to bring a show car?

You do not need to pre-register to bring a show car. Although it is handy to pay online, on-site registration will also be available. Click here to pre-register.  Keep in mind registration for Rock 'N' Cars and Rolling into Roanoke are separate. If you've registered for our Saturday car show in downtown Roanoke, that does not automatically include access to Rock 'N' Cars unless you have specifically registered for both events. 


What is the schedule for Rock ‘N’ Cars?

Schedule to come soon!


Is food and drink available?

YES, there will be food trucks, wine and beer.