Basic Show Information

How do I get a spot downtown?

Pre-register. Pre-registration will be live soon.

I pre-registered my car. Where do I park?

There will be a master list of all pre-registered cars. You will receive an email with instructions on where to park the day of the event. All general registrations are "Red Zone" parking unless indicated otherwise as a "Tribute Car."  You must be pre-paid and pre-registered. If you are not on the list and are registering the day-of, you must go to the park.

Can cars leave early?

Only if they are parked in the park. If you are parked downtown, you may NOT leave the show early. Due to pedestrian traffic and a high volume of show cars, attendees, and vendors, it is crucial that, for everyone's safety, you do not leave until after the afternoon awards. 

Do I still have to pay to show my car if I come later in the day?

Since this is a fundraiser event, every car will have to pay, whether they come on time or late. Additionally, cars can lose their spots on Main Street if they are not parked by 10:30 AM. You must be registered by noon in order to enter in door prize drawings and be eligible for specialty awards. 

What is the schedule for the day?

View the 2019 schedule of events here

Are there awards for the general car show?

YES, a total of 40 specialty awards will be given out. 20 awards will be given out Downtown, based off of sponsor's selections (town personalities will pick their favorite car, no formal scoring, purely emotional). 20 awards will be given to cars in the park, by committee, to be featured on Main Street at next year's show in 2019.  

When are they awarded?

At 3 PM

Are there door prizes for participants?

YES, for pre-registered and general registration of car show. If registering day-of, you must be registered by 12 noon to be eligible for door prizes.

When will the door prizes be drawn?

Starting at noon - winners will have until 3:00 PM to claim the item. Winners will be posted on boards at both information booths. Check our Facebook page day-of, as we will be posting winners on a rolling basis. Then, if they are not claimed, door prizes will roll over into next year's show.  

How do I make sure I get a goodie bag?

Visit information booth when you register or check-in. Goody bags are for downtown only and for pre-registrations only.

How do I get a dash plaque?

We will not have dash plaques this year. Instead, our registrants will receive commemorative pint glasses at check-in. This is for pre-registrations and for the first 100 registrants day-of-show (or while supplies last).

Car Show Rules

Our primary concern is the safety of people at the show, as well as the safety of the vehicles. Therefore:


Food & Drink

Are there places in town to buy food? Are there food vendors? 

YES, there will be food and drink vendors and food trucks. Downtown hosts multiple sit-in restaurants and local vendors. Click here to see vendor details.


Parking Information

If I registered to take part in the show, how do I know where to park?

Pre-registrants will get information by email, and information regarding pre-registration is available on our site by clicking here. 

If I want to take part in the show but not register in advance, where do I go?

General registration day-of the show is in the park, until 12 pm to qualify for door prizes. It is an open show.

I am trailering my car in.  Is there somewhere to park the trailer?

Trailers may be parked at the Roanoke Elementary School on Vine Street.

Where do spectators park?  Is there free parking?

Parking is FREE and in the Roanoke Town Park – please follow the signs on Vine Street off Highway 24. The entrance is off Vine, close to Roanoke Elementary School. Follow the signs and staff. Shuttle services will be available.  

There will also be paid "VIP" parking available, should you choose. $5 parking in a grass parking lot will be off of Vine and Main Street. Click here for a map of the show and parking. 

Where is handicapped parking?   How do I get to the show from handicapped parking?

Follow signs and staff for handicap parking. Take Vine Street off of Highway 24 to 1st and High Street. 

Is there motorcycle parking available in town?

YES, general Motorcycle Parking available. Follow the signs from Vine to High Street (near the Post Office) for the motorcycle parking entrance.  

I'm in the show and want to sit with my car while it is parked.  Is there shade available?  Can I bring my own tent for shade?

You may sit with your car and have a tent in the park ONLY. NO tents downtown.