Our Vision & Mission

We love stories.

Historic, preservation and personal stories—and not just cars and transportation, though they’re definitely the passion that drives us. We’re drawn to stories of innovators and designers whose imagination earn them patents or a Car of the Year award, as well as determined souls who persevere through personal and project challenges, and villages that reinvent themselves. We love how stories of all these things build family and community bonds.

The Rolling Into Roanoke vision is more than a collection of parked cars for one summer’s day. It’s an event (two, with Rock ‘N’ Cars) that celebrates all the above while remembering historic positives...and showing others why they matter. Our events include music, food, and patriotism to show how all these mesh together in a culturally auto-centric way. All while participants and spectators connect as they share their stories with each other.

Our mission began as a fundraiser for the Roanoke Beautification Foundation to improve common areas in the picturesque Village of Roanoke. Since that beginning, Rolling Into Roanoke has grown to include beneficiaries who share our vision of promoting automotive history and preservation, families and community strength.

We’re thankful for our sponsors and the community support that helps us add to the stories of Allen, DeKalb, and Huntington counties. And we’re thankful for our virtual community on Facebook and Instagram as we continue to reach others through our vision and mission.